Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Vida is committed to empowering and educating the next generation about making healthy, life-affirming choices. From youth group talks to in-classroom educational sessions to parental resources, Vida provides free resources and information to young adults, parents, educators, and other adults.

Read a letter from our Outreach nurses regarding the program here.

Vida is committed to sexual health education. We offer a variety of free presentations and outreach activities to area schools, youth groups and clubs, and other community groups. Presentations include topics such as healthy relationships, STDs, and avoidance of risky behaviors.

Learning how to have a healthy relationship with setting boundaries and goal setting empowers our youth to have a plan for each season of their lives. Learning not to engage in risky behaviors, like teen sex, will positively impact their physical and emotional health. Learn more about Wisconsin’s sexually transmitted disease statistics here. Learn more about adolescent sexual risk behaviors here.

Teaching our youth, sexually active or not, equips and empowers them to make healthy choices. Our interactive presentation enables the audience to freely ask questions, even anonymously if preferred, to ensure that they are getting accurate information that so often can be misinterpreted in social media, from their peers, and on inaccurate internet sites. 

Vida Community Outreach education sessions and presentation are tailored to best meet your school’s, youth group’s, or other group’s needs:

Information Session

Meet with Vida Youth Outreach Coordinator Trina Batley, RN to learn about the Vida sexual health education program, to determine which option is best for your group, and to tailor the presentation to your group’s needs.

Classroom Visit

Our Youth Outreach Coordinator will come to give a presentation on sexual health with topics including healthy relationships, sexual risk avoidance, and STIs. We recommend scheduling a one-on-one info session ahead of the lecture to learn about the topics we discuss, make sure we are the right fit, and customize the information to your preferences.

Youth Group Presentation

Presented by Vida Medical Clinic’s RN, the goal of the presentation is to provide education on topics such as healthy relationships, goal setting, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases/infections to empower your students to make informed, healthy, and life-affirming decisions. The presentation not only educates and equips students with medically accurate information for healthy decision making, but our respect for the dignity of the human person and Christian foundation ensure that this presentation will align with faith values.

Health Fair

Have Vida participate in a health expo/fair where attendees can get information and learn about Vida’s free services, including pregnancy tests, women’s health evaluations, STD testing, support services, and bilingual services.

Click here to schedule Vida Community Outreach for any of the above opportunities.  If you have other questions, please schedule a virtual information session/meeting with Trina here or call Vida at 920-731-4354.

Vida nurses and staff regularly participate in community and group health fairs. We offer free health information, as well as information about all of our free services. 

If you are hosting a health fair and are interested in having Vida participate, please click here to schedule Vida Community Outreach for the fair.  If you have other questions, please call Vida at 920-731-4354.

We are interested in learning more about your event and how Vida can be a resource and participate! 

Whether you’re a homeschooling family or a parent looking for additional information and programming to support teaching sexual health education to your child, Vida has the resources available. Our medically accurate, interactive, and easy-to-understand curriculum and resources include information on developing healthy relationships, reducing unhealthy behaviors, risk avoidance, STDs, and more sexual health information.

Read a letter from our Outreach nurses regarding the program here.

Please contact us at 920-731-4354 to learn more, click here to schedule Vida Community Outreach, and to access our resources.

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