Local Churches Partner with Vida to Host Play Dates for Families

In summer 2021, Vida Support Services hosted three dinner and play events for Vida clients and their families. All three events, which were well attended, were held at Memorial Park in Appleton with beautiful summer weather.

Three of Vida’s Church Partners — Valley Baptist Church, St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception of Greenville, and Appleton Alliance Church — supported the events by supplying and serving the food and beverages for a picnic style meals. 

Families in the Vida mentoring program were able to play and interact with other families, local church members, and Vida staff during the events. In addition to having fun on the play equipment, Vida provided fun activities like bubbles, rubber ducks, and big beach balls for the children.

Churches are encouraged to become Vida Church Partners and participate in our mission through events like summer playdates. If interested in volunteering for and supporting future Vida events, please call Vida at 920-731-4354 and speak with Claire, Vida Volunteer Coordinator. 


Inclement Weather Notice:
April 3, 2024

Vida will be opening at 1 p.m. today pending further weather advisories.