Abortion Pill Reversal at Vida Offers Hope to Women and Couples

Chemical abortions, also commonly referred to as at-home abortion or abortion pills, account for more than half of all abortions in the United States. As a Christian organization that provides life-affirming care and that seeks to love and serve women, men, and families, Vida offers Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) onsite in Appleton.

Chemical abortion is a two-step process used up to 10 weeks into a pregnancy. In the first step, a woman takes a medication that blocks progesterone, a necessary hormone that nurtures and supports pregnancy. The second medication is taken 24-48 hours after the first pill and causes the uterus to contract and expel the embryo from the uterus. 

What happens when a woman or couple changes their mind? That is where APR comes in. APR, if undertaken within 72 hours of taking the first abortion pill, can reverse the chemical abortion process. There is a 64-68% chance of achieving a positive pregnancy outcome using this reversal protocol.

Vida Medical Director Alice Boshoven, MD, is part of the Abortion Pill Rescue Network (APRN), a program of Heartbeat International, that provides abortion reversal services nationwide. The mission of the APR Network is to provide a supportive alternative to women and couples who took the first abortion pill, then change their mind and wish to continue their pregnancy.

Dr. Boshoven oversees the reversal process for patients who seek help at Vida Medical Clinic or who have requested help through the APR Hotline. Vida provides APR medication free of charge and provides a free ultrasound to confirm the effectiveness of the reversal process by verifying a viable pregnancy. 

By offering APR onsite at Vida, we walk with women and couples seeking to reverse the abortion process by extending the care and compassion that they are so desperately in need of and potentially save their child. 

Vida also provides post-abortion support as part of Support Services for women and couples who previously chose to terminate a pregnancy through abortion, whether surgical abortion or chemical abortion. Such support assists them on a path of healing, health, and hope, as well as empowers them to make healthy life-affirming decisions in the future. 


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